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About Us

As young teens, we have all dreamt of going pro and performing on "the big stage". We would imagine, fantasize, and train endlessly to make that dream come true. Far too often, aspiring young adults with tons of potential find themselves facing an ugly reality check. It happened to all of us - a safer career path that seems appealing, competition that is simply too tough, our bodies could not move with the strength and agility that our hearts desired, and, worst of all, injuries. Sadly, many of us gave in, and gave up on our purest dream.

Motives Dance & Fitness was founded by Brett Bowser a few years after being told that her injury meant the end of her young competitive dance career. Brett grew up dancing in Vancouver - she loved dance!

After moving to Edmonton, and having spent her early adulthood teaching dance and becoming a certified personal trainer, Brett struggled to accept that her reality is a frequent occurrence in the dance industry - frequent enough that it was considered normal. Brett asked herself the same questions daily: "Why am I teaching dance? Where is my career going? What am I going to do about this? What is my motive?" One day, she realized that she wanted to help young dancers achieve their dream, so she put together her first Injury Prevention Workshop. 

To date, the Motives team is composed of many dedicated, experienced, and professional instructors and personal trainers. Motives Dance & Fitness is now a company that offers a pre-professional dance program (Motives Dance Company), personal training, drop-in dance classes, and specialized workshops. We have also performed at multiple fundraisers, put on charity events, and regularly donate to the Edmonton community.  MDC alumni have moved on to dance in multiple cities in North America carrying the Motives name along with them, and representing the Edmonton region. We are also proud that some have found a passion in teaching and developing a stronger dance community and are now valued members of the Motives team!

Our mission is to help you, the real you, the teenage you, achieve your goals. Our slogans are more than some catchy phrases. We ask ourselves "What's your motive" every day, to remind ourselves that it's you!